Monday, 18 April 2016

2-4-6-8- Twenty Two

Soul Time is one of those tunes that narrowly failed to make it into my Northern Top Fifty although as this was a minor hit in the US in 1967, entering the R&B Top Forty and getting to #67 in the Billboard chart, I'm not sure it would be considered "Northern" by the aficionados. It gets in the original Northern Soul Top 500, just,  at number 469 and is kind of damned with faint praise by Kev Roberts. It was included in one of the early compilation albums I bought back in 1986/87 and I have loved the energy of the song and also the brass. Ellis is probably best kn own for The Clapping Song a top ten hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1965

Shirley Ellis - Soul Time

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Simon said...

In my top ten soul tunes this one. I love it's energy too, and I also love it's use by The Go Team. I've a soft spot for 'cheerleader' bits in songs, chanty bits like that and army stuff always gets me. If there is a tune that combines cheerleader chants with people saying hup 2 3 4, and a big bass line I'll be happy.