Friday 15 April 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Until about 6 months ago I didn't own anything by Electrelane. I had heard of the Brighton band and read a couple of things where they cited all of the influences that would usually had me investigating further, The Velvet Underground, Stereolab, Neu! etc but for some reason I didn't not quite sure why. So when I was shuffling through the dance 12" singles in Oxfam Music on Byres Rd. the only response on seeing a single by the band was the question dance? until I saw the "remixed by Jagz Kooner which caught my attention. I am never one to go by any record that has the name of a member of the Sabres of Paradise associated with it and at 50p it was well worth a punt. Money well spent as it is a throbby, krauty tune with a motorik beat to it which had me thinking of Fujiya & Miyagi. The other side of this, the third single by Electrelane is also pretty good but hasn't sent me rushing to check out their back catalogue yet as I have too many other things to listen to at the moment,

Not sure what I will be up to this weekend, I know it is record shop day but I think that the days of me getting up at 5am to go and queue outside Mono for a few hours are well and truly over, Max isn't that interested anymore and to be honest there is only one thing which I really want, the Unloved single and that is less than essential now that I have found out that it is on 12" and not 7" which I think suits the style of the track far more. If the weather is good I will take the scooter into the town in the afternoon and see if there is still a copy in Monorail. If not my Saturday will be spent listening to Off The Ball and Sportsound hoping that Airdrie can pick up three points keeping us away from the relegation play-off place, what a difference a few months have made!

Have a good weekend people.

Electrelane - Blue Straggler (Jagz Kooner remix)

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Swiss Adam said...

I like that. Jagz Kooner's done some remixes over the years