Thursday 28 April 2016


If there is one thing Spacemen 3 did well it was to string out a tune and in Geneva back in May 1989 they decided to take an already lengthy tune, Suicide and extend it to almost three times it's length. About 18 minutes in the band taped down the keys and left the guitars feed backing propped up against speaker cabinets left the stage and went back to the dressing room for a smoke and a drink, It is said that no one clicked that they were missing due to the strobe lights and smoke machine. They returned "refreshed" and carried on longer than MES was on stage the last time I saw the Fall.

Is this essential? Not sure, but it is worth while listening to at least once, although I have played it quite a few times. The quality is excellent for a soundboard bootleg,  considering that they have crammed all 29:12 onto one side of vinyl.


Spacemen 3 - Suicide


Anonymous said...

Stunning. And yep essential listening. Probably. Swc.

Swiss Adam said...

Epic, essential and jaw dropping.