Thursday 14 April 2016

Hip Priest

It's been a month or so since we had anything by The "mighty" Fall here. The gruppe are on tour this month but not venturing back north of the border, probably just as well as on the last three occasions that I have seen them the musicians have been brilliant but Smith as been absolutely woeful, on stage for about twenty minutes at the most. Still I have the memories of previous nights at the Renfrew Ferry, Liquid Rooms and various other venues when he not only turned up but was absolutely mesmerising, Here is a song that's thirty five years old but still sounds amazing. If you don't know much about the Fall and wish to investigate further you could do worse than starting with Hex Enduction Hour the album that this track is lifted from.

The Fall - Hip Priest


The Swede said...

Fantastic. I need to dig out 'Hex Enduction Hour', it's been a while.

George said...

That Valerie June (tuesday's) is very good, Drew. Not quite as good as Hi Priest, of course.