Thursday 7 January 2016

Mish Mash Music

Here's something else I forgot about and found during the holidays while tidying up the music. Mish Mash was a club night mixing dj's and live musicians at a short lived club in Glasgow called Alaska. I only went once but it had quite a good, friendly vibe about the place but at the time I was working most weekends in the pub and didn't get intyo the town much. This mix was for a cd for Levi's to promote their new shop at the time in Glasgow's new Buchanan Galleries. Trippy, dubby and laidback,

mish mash music - a beautiful sound/the abyss/balmaha/mish mash/karmen baby

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Donzo said...

I used to have this CD also. Excellent mix. Have been looking all over the house for it but I think it has gone to plastic heaven with the vast majority of my CDs now. Any chance you could re-up the mix - would love to wrap my ears around it again.