Sunday 24 January 2016

Mellow Sunday

This came out for Record Shop Day last year on  the Late Night Tales label, it's a cover of a Yeasayer tune. I am not sure how true to the original Hopkins version is, as I have never felt the need to hear it as this is enough for me.  On the other side there is a dub by Nils Frahm which is okay but nowhere near as good as this version. I think that it is just beautiful even the bit where it sounds like something went a bit wonky.

Jon Hopkins - I Remember


Walter said...

Great choice Drew and it isn't necessary to listen to the original. There's another mix of the song that I will post tomorrow.

The Swede said...

Well, I am familiar with the original, but it really makes no odds as Hopkins' approach is so far removed from it. Quite beautiful.