Tuesday 10 November 2015

She Got Me Spinning, From The Beginning

No CC this is not the second posting in the shite lyrics series.

Stiff and I went to see the Wedding Present on Friday night at the Glasgow School of Art and they were abysmal! As if, there are not too many things that you can rely on in this life but one event that I would put my house on would be getting a blistering 90 minutes from Gedge and Co, no fannying about, plenty of affectionate banter and the odd song that you had half forgotten which is an absolute classic. Another thing that I would stick a tenner on at a Weddoes gig in Glasgow would be the punter requesting Flying Saucer, for as long as I can remember after the first set of three tunes the cry goes out "Flying Saucer!" and I'm sure it's the same guy and last Friday night he most certainly went home very happy as a blistering version of the song was played.  I have to admit on Saturday I ventured into the cupboard half way up the stairs and dug out the single and it has been played a fair few times since. They also performed Lynn's favourite Ringway to Seatac.

A few years back when I saw The Wedding Present at the Garage between Christmas and New Year  and was flush I bought the 10" box-set of Bizarro and Gedge who was floating about the merchandise stall asked if I wanted it signed and I for a joke said "nah you're alright" and walked away, I kicked myself later for not getting it signed. . Well on Friday night I bought the boys Bizarro T-shirts on account of their love of Kennedy (which was the third tune in the set on Friday) and the one which Leo wears a lot which used to be Max's bought quite a few years ago is getting well too tight. The only problem was that they didn't have any in kids sizes so I decided to get them ones that they will "grow into" but then thought would look good framed, if I got them signed, so this time I went up and asked David Gedge if he would autograph the shirts which he graciously personalised, giving me much kudos in their eyes on Saturday when I gave them to the boys, Leo being the much more impressed.

The Wedding Present - Flying Saucer


Brian said...

Very cool, Drew. I can only hope some day one of my children will be impressed by such a T-shirt.

Charity Chic said...

Thought we were getting Kelly Marie for a minute when I saw that title!

The Swede said...

As Brian says, very cool indeed.

Anonymous said...

Cool indeed
Swiss Adam