Saturday 14 November 2015

Boy's Own Recordings - The Twelves BOIX 9

A bit of blog serendipity going on here. Yesterday SWC on one of his excellent guest posts mentioned this blog and this series in particular he also picked Fallen but the album version as one of his tracks, spooky or what as this post has been lined up for a while.

The ninth release from the Boy's Own stable was one that I awaited for as eagerly as I would have awaited Christmas as a wean. I couldn't quite believe it when I read somewhere, I don't remember where that Weatherall had gotten his hands on my favourite record by a mile from 1991 and was going to release a remix of it on Boy's Own. This was the stuff of dreams. Fallen and the similar sounding Come Alive by Orchestra JB sound tracking the winter of 91/92 for me.   However when I eventually procured a copy of  it I was immensely disappointed with what I heard. It's not that Weatherall's main mix  of Fallen (Nancy and Lee mix)  is bad it isn't and if I hadn't played the Soma released original so many times I would have loved it but I didn't feel that he added anything to it. I don't know what I was expecting as it is pretty hard to better perfection and Fallen in it's original incarnation is pretty near perfect for me. The Farley & Heller mix is just plain wrong, this tune was never meant to be an upbeat dancey number and it's Farley & Heller by numbers. The Monday Morning at Bobby N's is okay but nothing special. All in all this release was a bit of a a let down for me but it didn't stop me buying Boy's Own releases and the next one was awaited only with slightly less impatience than BOIX 9.

Have you ever wondered why the version on Morning Dove White is different to that on the single, no? Well I'll tell you anyway, the Boy's Own single was withdrawn a week or two after release as it contained an unlicensed sample from a Supertramp song, the actual one I can't remember and therefore the track had to be mixed again for the album.

One Dove - Fallen (Nancy and Lee mix)

One Dove - Fallen (Farley and Heller mix)

One Dove - Fallen (Monday Morning At Bobby N's mix)


Echorich said...

These remixes were just like what you get when you take Austin Power's Mojo away from him. You get a caricature of a caricature.

Billy Brown said...

I co wrote the original and played Harmonica on it