Saturday 7 November 2015

Boy's Own Recordings - The Twelves BOIX 8

I know absolutely nothing about Extortion, responsible for the eighth release on Boy's Own, other than the two  producers were Jason Load and Pavel De Jesus who brought in Dihan Brooks to add the vocals to How Do You See Me? their only record. Prior to the remix by Joey Negro that was released by Boy's Own the track had been released twice in the US first in 1990 and then again the following year It was also re-released in 1999 in the UK so someone must have rated it. Good House music for 1991 but rather dated now.

Extortion featuring Dinah Brooks - How Do You See Me Now? (Joey Negro's remix)

Extortion featuring Dinah Brooks - How Do You See Me Now? (Joey's Young Soul Rebel remix)


Charity Chic said...

Heard you taking Tam Cowan to task on Off the Ball Drew!

drew said...

CC - Cowan has been doing my head in recently with his pish about referees. They are killing the game with sheer incompetence and he has been condoning it for ages. To be honest when I heard on open all mikes that the penalty had been re-taken at Fir Park, I was wishing against hope that Cowan would say something on the show and as soon as he did I had to tweet, Total fucking bawbag , if I was half as useless as the referees I watch every second Saturday my p45 would have been in the post long ago.