Friday 6 November 2015

Its Friday . . . Let's Dance

New Fast Automatic Daffodils as far as I can remember were also rans during all of the Manchester hype at the end of the 80s beginning of the nineties.I am not sure why I bought Baku but I'm pretty positive that It wasn't because I heard it on A Short Film About Chilling as I wasn't even aware that it it featured until I went back a few months ago and watched again and even then I didn't recognise it. I only realised it was there when I consulted the internet for the two tracks that I couldn't identify which sent me scurrying to the indie 12" singles cupboard as I knew that I had something by the band and low and behold it was Big. It was probably bought from a recommendation in one of the multitude of music magazines that I then bought. Weirdly the record has seen some turntable exposure as it looked pretty worn but I have no recollection of it at all and it obviously didn't spur me on to purchasing anything else by the band. The version used in the film was Big (Baku) and was remixed by Jon Dasilva.

No home game this week but I'm hoping it's dry on Saturday for the fireworks display but I'm resigned to the fact that we are going to get wet.

Have a good weekend people.

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Big Baku


Swiss Adam said...

New FADs were rather good and I often find there's a lot of love for them on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I too loved New FADs. There's a lot of good tunes from them which got unfairly over-looked.

Unknown said...

"Stockholm" and the like where just too angry for many at the time, shame as they were a great band. Their version of "Hey Joe" from a Peel Session is a sublime under two minuter!

Unknown said...

I meant "Purple Haze" not "Hey Joe"! Don't try to type when your kids are asking you for something!