Thursday 6 November 2014

Love Is A Wonderful Colour

I had forgotten just how joyous intro Love Is A Wonderful Colour has. I put it on the other week and was transported back to the Grammar and Friday night YM discos, the air thick with the threat of violence and the stench of under age drink induced vomit. Happy days to be sure.

To these ears this classic song from 1983 doesn't sound dated but to fourteen year old today it probably sounds as ancient as Elvis did to me back then, so they are in for a treat when they finally discover this and the likes of the Mighty Wah and the Bunnymen when they are in their twenties.

Icicle Works - Love Is A Wonderful Colour


Scott said...

By the sounds of it Drew we must have went to the same YM discos. Still sounds glorious today, as do "Evangeline" and "Understanding Jane" which I was just listening this morning.

Brian said...

This post makes my day... and Scott is spot on as well.

drew said...

Scott, I think every town in west central Scotland had the same thing.

Brian - glad to be of service

drew said...
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Echorich said...

Everyday is made better when you add a bit of early 80's Liverpool sound to it!
Just a wonderful song!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic song , saw them live loads of times in the late 80s and they were always fantastic