Monday 3 November 2014

I'm Satisfied

Today's slab of prime soul comes, like so many other brilliant tunes from the FAME studio in Muscle Shoals, produced of course and co-written by Rich Hall. It was released on the Atlantic off-shoot Cotillion in 1970.

Otis Clay was born in Mississippi but moved to Chicago as a youngster where started singing in a series of gospel groups. His first secular output was released on One-derful! Records. He moved to Cotillion when One-derful! folded in 1968 where he recorded a handful of singles including the one posted. Since then he has recorded for a few labels including his own label Echo where he recorded The Only Way Is Up. Clay is still performing to this day.


Otis Clay - I'm Qualified

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Darcy said...

Great singer. I have some of his One-derful singles. I have just learnt that Eddie Silvers was musical director at that label. Eddie Silvers? He plays sax on that cover up I posted a few days ago and was one third of The Soul Merchants.