Sunday 12 February 2012

Whitney Houston

Sad, sad news

Ok, most of her stuff to me was terrible soul-lite pop which must have appealed to some, well many actually,  given the six Grammys and 170 million records sold. Every so often, however,  she would do something like the song posted below which I really did like and I would wish for more in the same vein. In fact the whole album My Love Is Your Love is pretty good.  And who can forget when she was brave enough to collabrate with Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty.

Rest easy Whitney.

Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love


Alison U Miller said...

She was iconic of those poppy 80s days and therefore a part of many people's memories of that time. Amazing songstress, powerful and talented, pity she became a victim of her own success.

dickvandyke said...

Well said drew .. and Ali.
One of the finest singers I have heard in my lifetime.

davyh said...

A fabulous, fabulous voice so often let down by the material she recorded. What a sad end.

Julie said...

drugs and fame seem to be accepted in the entertainment industry. How come they dont screen people for drug like they do for a regular job. too many icons have been lost and nobody speaks out.....Its so so sad. what a loss. Rest in Peace.

drew said...

Hey big cuz what brings you round here?

Matthew Rudd said...

A schmaltzy power ballad can have its star raised if it's a genuine star raising it, and she was just that. And as much as it may rankle with achingly serious music lovers, those upbeat pop numbers of the 80s STILL fill a dancefloor effortlessly.

Magnificent voice.