Wednesday 8 February 2012

Love Slipped Through My Fingers

There are two versions of this track out there, there is the version by Sam Williams which is very, very good and then there is the Ohio Players version which is amazing and what makes this the one for me is the vocal. When you hear Towanda Barnes sing she sounds as if she is at the point of breakdown. I love everything about it from the slightly wonky piano intro onwards, it's one of those songs that just lodges itself in your head.

It has long been on my wants list, in either form but like If That's What You Wanted it has continued to be rather elusive.

The Ohio Playes - Love Slipped Through My Fingers


Scott said...

Great track Drew. Have to be honest, that is the first time I have heard the track. Love the album cover too.

davyh said...

Yeah baby.

Simon said...

I prefer the Sam Williams version personally, and in that case it's the vocal that does it for me. But both versions are superb, and really really heart-wrenching.

Absolute classic.

Simon said...

Spent half an hour on the train this morning doing a comparison. The Sam Williams versh is rawer, bit more of a belter. But the thing that lets the Players version down, regardless of that great vocal, is the bongoes. There are too many bongoes.

This from the blog with the best bongoes in town.

Simon said...

This is what I first picked up the Players version on:

It's a great comp, some brilliant tunes on it.

darcy said...

Great track. I am a big fan of The Ohio Players. That Greatest Hits LP gathers together alot of their late 60s stuff doesn't it? If you don't know it seek out Here Today, Gone Tomorrow from '68 - it gives a nod to Tracks Of My Tears but demonstrates the Players were as soulful as they were funky. Just discovered that Bowie sang it on his '74 Diamond Dogs tour!