Tuesday 14 February 2012


Not my favourite day of the year if the truth be known.

Richard Hawley - Valentine


Swiss Adam said...

...but you can't beat a bit of Hawley

dickvandyke said...

Great tune and fab video. That's the REAL world.

Cheer up drew old lad - I mean, you could be a Rangers fan! Oh, how I recall how folk laughed at Leeds Utd 10 years ago when they wrote the blueprint for footballing economic disaster.

Many more will follow.

drew said...

DVD - I'm not a big fan of the Huns, however I know how it feels when your club disappears it happened to Airdrie but nobody gave a fuck about us.

I'm afraid you will be right that many more will follow.

flycasual said...

fantastic....the Sheffield Sinatra!