Friday 10 February 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I fucking hate February. What a bloody depressing time of year. It's bloody miserable up here about the best thing that can be said for it is that we don't have any snow. Mind you I would rather be looking out the window at snow than the awful greyness that confronts my eyes at the moment.

Also,  I'm about the skintest I've been since, well last year around this time and still two weeks to go before pay day with a couple of gigs and feckin Valentine's Day before then, so I will be starting next month brassic, double joy.

Nothing else for it but to put on a prime slab of influential Techno from one of the originators of the form and jump about like an eejit and kid on your on pills.

Energy Flash was first released in 1990 on the Transmat label in the States. It was picked up the following year by R&S and released in the UK.

Have a good weekend people

Beltram - Energy Flash


Anonymous said...


Swiss Adam said...

fucking freezing here in london. heading for train and home. alcohol possibly.

drew said...

ANON - good to see you back

SA - get back to civilisation as quickly as possible.

davyh said...

Snow here this morning awful purdy.

dickvandyke said...

I aint no sad blog image officionado, but aint we seen that picture before?

Baltic here too. And the price of gas n electric! What the ....
How did that happen? Most recent bill is higher than the cost of my car. And I bet you sweaties will be keeping the Norf Sea oil too when you go all native and anti-establishmentareantism, like. Well don't come running to Westminster when those Icelandic types invade and leave you under house arrest eating nothing but seal pup blubber. And take that Lorraine Kelly, and the BBC Breakfast's unfeasibly cheery weather girl (with the low slung paps) with you.

Have a grand weekend yersen drew.

drew said...

Fuck all of the oil left due to Southern Softies such as Mr H using at all up when there's the slightest chill in the air.

Anyway, now that you all want rid off us we have decided we will stay and be a burden on all those south of Watford who apparently are the only ones who work and pay tax, most of which according to your Kelvin MacKenzie (fine English name that)goes to keeping us in free Prozac or pays for the wiping of our elderly's arses.

I know what you mean about the cheery weather woman but we have a history of those just check out Heather The Weather.

All the best Dickie

Unknown said...

We fade to grey.

Dirk said...

Well, if we really saw the pic before, DvD, then I seem to have missed it, to my great dismay! And, ANON, I really hate to say this, but on this occasion I'm all the way with you on that one! I even contemplate to replace the picture of The Sturdy Girl by this one here of The Rickety Girl ... then again this would perhaps be blasphemy, correct?

Temperatures over here in Germany are minus 10° to minus 12° all the freaking time, which really pisses me off, especially with Carnival Season coming up next week, where everyone's supposed to dance in the streets half-naked. Nut with these temperatures I'm afraid the girls will wear fur coats instead, which isn't a very nice thought!

Then again I'm as skint as the rest of you seem to be, so I won't be able to go out much anyway .. so there you are!

dickvandyke said...

Could be fur-coat-and-no-knickers, dirk - like the nouveau riche of Newcastle.

Replace Sturdy girl!! Impossible. Has the germanic frost reached your brain/bollocks?

And besides, speaking with my St Johns Ambulance 1st Aid Certificate hat on, the gal in the red haberdashery remnants doesn't look awfully well to me.

drew said...

Dirk, you are correct we have not seen rickety girl before.

Half naked in February, are you all mad over there?

dickvandyke said...

Musta dreamt it then lads.

Heather the Weather? She sounds a bit Alan Partridge. I'd guess she does the BBC Highlands and Islands in a pretty pleated tartan sash, with wavey hands and a rich smiley 'how can anyone get so fuckin excited about the weather' Edinburgh accent?

drew said...

here you go DVD

and there's even a song about her. Naturally I bought the 7"

dickvandyke said...

Hello there. Lovely. And a proper clever trousers meteorologist too.

Pushing the boundaries for science.
Her lucky hubby and that 'blonde' Irish? anchorwoman are somewhat odd and scary though.