Saturday 17 September 2011

Just Because

this is bloody brilliant.

It's kinda easy to take Billy Bragg for granted, he's always popping up somewhere with an opinion or two to espouse which is always interesting and sometimes wide of the mark, voting LibDem, doh! You sometimes forget how good he is at his main job..

This came on the personal stereo the other day and I was bowled over by how aggressive the guitar sounded and how clever he is with his lyrics.

Billy Bragg - Accident Waiting To Happen


davyh said...

I had a similar experience with this popping up on shuffle recently after I'd not heard it for ages. I really think it's one of his very best songs.

Simon said...

I was listening to this midweek, it is a great song, it's definitely one of his best. Sometimes with a full band he can sound clunky, but not on this one.