Wednesday 14 September 2011

Any Way That You Want Me

My first introduction to this song was probably the same as most people my age, through Spiritualized's first single. I realised that it was a cover as the writing credits were for a certain Chip Taylor but it was a good few years until I heard the Troggs version which to me was far inferior to the Spiritualized one. I was not prepared for the Evie Sands version recorded in 1969 when I first heard it in the late nineties which, frankly, pisses all over the other two .

I only knew Evie Sands for her version of Picture Me Gone but to be honest I always preferred the Madeline Bell version. But she definitely nailed this song,  I'm quite surprised that it took me so long to stick it up on here.

Evie Sands - Any Way That You Want Me.


Artog said...

I only pieced together how great Evie Sands was a bit back when I discovered she did the first version of Angel of the Morning. My favourite track of hers though is I Can't Let Go which I heard on a compilation put together by Pete Kember, so obviously she was highly regarded in Spacemen 3 circles, which is good enough for me.

I've mumbled about Spiritualized being a bit boring in the past but over the last couple of months I've got well into them. So much so I got a ticket for their show at the Albert Hall next month - I'm bracing myself for a quasi-religious experience.

drew said...

Artog - I'm going to the Queen's Hall gig in Edinburgh but the Albert Hall will be a bit more special. I can assure you it will something

Anonymous said...

Hi Drew

I know from tuning in regularly you are a partial to a drop of Gin. I have just been bought a bottle of Blackwoods superior 2007 vintage dry gin. From Lerwick.

Get hold of some if you can it's like nectar hic!

Love the music too

Swiss Adam said...

Never heard this before. Love it.