Friday 16 September 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

Here is a nice piece of New York  drum n bass from DJ Ani.

I know very little about DJ Ani apart from that she hails from the big apple. The record was released on the Sm:)e Communications label in 1997. Sm:)e was an off shoot of Profile records and released some cracking tunes from Omni Trio, 2 Bad Mice etc and some shit by the likes of Blue Amazon.

I do like a bit of breakbeat.

Have a good weekend people.

dj ani - bio-magnetics


Mondo said...
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Mondo said...

What's your take on moombahton. Mate of mine is all of a buzz for it

drew said...

That's the business Mond. Will need to investigate further.

davyh said...

Bon weekend Drewster.

dickvandyke said...

Breakbeat eh. Where DO you find the time?

Monsoon season in Montrose methinks.

Friday night. Stay arid on the outside and drenched within.

drew said...

The missing DVD returns. Hope the holiday was up to expectations.

Tonight I will mostly be drinking Bloody Marys. Had two already.

Same to you Mr H, just about to take a wander over to your place and see what's going on.

davyh said...

Just the usual blethering and nonsense.

dickvandyke said...

Am in the snug at Davy's place.

Not been the absolute apex recently drewster, old lad.

Back problems: - bulging lumbar disc impinging on sciatic nerve - no less. Upshot is an operation at end of Sept. Should keep me off the dance floor for a couple of months. Although, somewhat re-assuringly, the surgeon thinks I'll be able to water-ski after the op.

I couldn't beforehand, like!

Anyway, all tea and sympathy welcome. (An old RAF JNCO of mine (Scottish, obviously) used to scream, "Sympathy? .. You'll find it in the dictionary between shite n syphilis".