Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Something A Bit Spiritual

The first time I heard this track was when I went over to the dark side and spent some time in the Modern room at a Togetherness Weekender. Well after about 50 hours of nearly non stop northern a bit of a change was in order.

Imagine my surprise when sometime later while reading, I heard the very same song coming from the TV when L was watching Ally McBeal.

Al Green - Keep On Pushing Love


davy h said...

Love the Reverend. Which album was this on originally Drew?

Simon said...

That's from his early 90s album "Your Heart's In Good Hands" with the two guys from The Beat/Fine Young Cannibals amongst others. It's produced and co-written by Arthur Baker apparently, although I only just looked into that. The albums pretty good, and Al is in fine form. I remember him being on Jonathan Ross or something similar at the time.

Simon said...

Album was called Don't Look Back over here, I've got a funny CD that I picked up in the Far East at the time. Probably dodgy.

e.f. bartlam said...

There's no beating Al Green. I reckon it's his grounding in the Church...I don't know, but he has aged with dignity, actually looks like a grown up...and still blows people in their 20s off the stage.

He's just cool...that's all.