Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Imaginary Spy Movie Soundtrack pt 1

I had quite forgotten all about this single until it popped up on the Ipod the other day, which is quite strange as this is the track that I flogged to death from the album Memoirs At The End Of The World.

The Postmarks are from Florida and have released three albums since there formation in 2006. The second of which,  By The Numbers contains 12 tracks, all of which have a number from 1-12 in the title and were released on the corresponding month in 2008. A bit quirky but the version of Five Years is a really good cover of a Bowie song unlike Sister Crayon's recent murdering of The Bewlay Brothers on the split 7" with Warpaint's Ashes to Ashes.

No One Said This Would Be Easy came out  in February this year and was the second track to be released as a single/download from the album Memoirs At The End Of The World.  It invokes images of a young Michael Caine in his Harry Palmer role chasing some shady Eastern European goon around the streets of London and has got me thinking of a theme for a short series of posts of tunes which could have been included in 60's spy movies.

The Postmarks - No One Said This Would Be Easy

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davy h said...

Oh yes, I remember liking this when it cropped up on a Word CD back in the spring.

It's too glamourous for Harry Palmer though. More Our Man Flint I'd say.