Sunday 7 November 2010

Misguided Angel

It must have been early in 1988 when I first heard the Cowboy Junkies, I remember that it was definately on the saturday afternoon show on Radio One hosted by Roger Scott. He played this absolutely beautiful laid back version of what was at that time my favourite song, Sweet Jane.  I remember hanging on to the end of the track and hoping  to catch who this was by, no listen again option then.

For the next few weeks I searched for The Trinity Session in every record shop I visited but to no avail. Eventually the albumslipped from the front of my mind and I stopped searching for it probably focusing on From Across The Kitchen Table again.

A couple of months later I was through in Edinburgh staying with a friend for the weekend. We had been out on the Friday night and spent a fortune as you do in the Capital. While walking along Princes Street on the Saturday afternoon with my head bursting I decided to go into HMV for a wee swatch at the shelves. While having a rake about I came across The Trinity Sessions by the Cowboy Junkies on import, which kind of put me in a predicament. I was suppossed to be going out that evening but if I bought this album I would not have enough money to go out, I was pretty skint at the time. I think I must have stood for a good couple of minutes working out what to do.

Twenty minutes later I was standing in M's flat in Dean Village explaining that I would not be going out later as I had just bought this album that I really had to have. This was greeted with "fine, I'll just got out by myself then!".

I ended up having a very pleasant evening on my own listening to The Trinity Session, munching on a haggis supper washed down with a couple of cans of Red Stripe and a spliff or two for afters.

Funnily enough, M never asked me to come through again to stay and we sort of lost touch not long after.

Cowboy Junkies - Misguided Angel


Colin said...

A really great album this, and therefore you made the right choice Drew. As we all know, albums last a lot longer than (some) friends.

Simon said...

One of my all time favourite albums. I had a..wonderful is the only word...lost weekend with somebody that was soundtracked by this album back in the early part of 89. Friends before, fond friends after. It was something of an escape for me at the time and I can't quite get my head around how something so sad and lonely sounding can still sound to me like the happiest album ever.

Swiss Adam said...

Loved this album when it came out and for a long time after. Not hing else they did sounded quite as good.

davyh said...

I concur! I think I borrowed it from the library and taped it. Back when libraries had actual vinyl records. Back when there were actual libraries.

Scott said...

A truly great album. Saw them a couple of years back doing the Trinity Sessions live and would rate it amongst the best gigs I have seen. Margo Timmins has such a beautiful and unique voice. Great choice.

Ctelblog said...

Their version of Sweet Janes is just [sighs]

Helpless Dancer said...

Brilliant, one of the all time greatest "second albums"