Friday, 19 November 2010

Gin Time

 Have a good weekend people.

Champion Jack Dupree - Big Leg Emma's 


swiss adam said...

Off to see Leftfield tonight. Will undoubtedly drink too much.

drew said...

Enjoy the BASS, SA

Mondo said...

I'm on the Polish beer, then brandy

davy h said...

Sweet as.

You have the making of a new Friday thing here: release yourself from 'It's Friday....Let's Dance' and you'll feel all the better for it, really you will*

*Not that I object to Ten City. Or dancing.

drew said...
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drew said...

I may have to do double posts on a Friday. it's Friday Let's Dance and It's Friday Let's Drink!

I'm on the Appletons Rum tonight Mondo, not that I can taste it with this stinking cold, could end the night with a hot rum and green ginger.