Wednesday, 17 November 2010

"From The Pages Of The Neville Brothers Songbook"

Shall we stick with the soul for a while?

Over at The Ghost Of Electricity, Mr H posted a wonderful track by Bettye Swann. Whenever Bettye's name is mention I think of one certain song which she covers incredibly well, however I think that I still prefer this version by Aaron Neville who was first to record Tell It Like It Is in 1966.

Aaron Neville & The Neville Brothers - Tell It Like It Is 


Simon said...

That the live version that's on the Big Easy soundtrack? If it is, it's a fantastic version of that song, my favourite version. It's just so damn sexy.

e.f. bartlam said...

Awesome...I drive around the state for my job (Mississippi) and I love diggin' around the radio...there's some great stations in the woods around here...This song and Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye by the Manhattan's are two prizes that I'll catch every once in a while.

Keep 'em comin'.

drew said...

the very same Simon.

e.f. - radio stations in the woods?

e.f. bartlam said...

Mississippi's a funny place demographically. It's big but the population is tiny...especially when you get away from population centers like Jackson, Tupelo or Southaven (the Mississippi part of Memphis).

Still people want music...and you'll pick up these little stations playing blues or soul, chitlin curcuit stuff...there's some great country stations is North Mississippi.

There's also some really wild religious programming.