Sunday 27 September 2015

Mellow Sunday

With all the discussion around This Is England 90, which I haven't watched yet, it's on my list, as Stiff remarked recently "you gotta love catch up TV". Anyway I thought that it was about time I featured something by Shane Meadows friend and collaborator Gavin Clarke. This is the demo version of one of the many highlights from Sunhouse's is only and sadly much over looked album Crazy On The Weekend. After Sunhouse disbanded Clarke went on to form Clayhill and also collaborated with UNKLE. Sadly Clarke died in February of this year.

Sunhouse - Spinning Round The Sun (Acoustic Demo)


Swiss Adam said...

I've really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. It's turning a bit dark now- as is Shane Meadows' way.

Bovril said...

Gavin wrote such beautiful music. looking forward to hearing the end results of the Toydrum project he was working on.