Tuesday 31 March 2015

Dig Eat Beats Repeat

Boca 45, or Scott Hendy as he's known to his friends and family is a Dj and producer from Bristol who has been releasing music on labels such as Grand Central Recordings and Jalapeno Records since 2004. Mr Big Sun  comes from his third album, Dig Eat Beats Repeat released last week on Digga Please. If hip hop beats and funk are your bag then this album is something that you really should purchase. The track posted features the stunning vocal talents of Stephanie McKay whose first album has been dug out of the cupboard and played more than once over the weekend and is as good as I remembered. Don't you love it when that happens.

As this album is about as fresh as the loaf I purchased yesterday this track will not be available for download but it can be purchased here

Boca 45 - Mr Big Sun

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The Swede said...

A new name to me. I enjoyed the tune a great deal and am now off to follow the link and check out the whole LP.