Saturday 3 December 2011

The Tracks Of My Year

This last twelve months has seen my fixation with dubstep and new dance tunes grow, without ever having set foot in a club, alas I think that my days for clubbing are well and truely in the past. I prefer to sit and listen to these tunes in the comfort of my red chair with a G&T in hand and the stereo at a loud but still acceptable, volume.

I have also bought quite a few old  R&B sevens and some much sought agfter northern singles by the likes of Bobby Kline and Martha Reeves. I have discounted these from the list of tracks, deciding that only singles  released this year would make the list. Also eliminated was the John Talabot remix of Shelter which I finally managed to get a hold of, released in a ludicriously limited pressing only available in Japan. I decided that due to the fact that I had flogged it to death for the last three months of 2010 on download, it really belonged to last year but Jamie xx does make more than one appearance in the list.

Only one track in the list was not released on vinyl and that is the Weatherall mix of Watch Me Dance by Toddla T. This track was all set to be released and I had indeed ordered it but due to some stupid pricks deciding to turn all of independent releases for September  into a steaming pile of black wax the track was never released.

Lastly, track two didn't come out as a single, however I am still hoping that it will do and have contacted those responsible begging for this to happen. Actually, when I look at the list not all the tracks were singles, I think I just wished they had been.

So without further ado, here are the tracks of my year, you may disagree with my choices but of course as ever you will be wrong.

1. Free School - Lemon (original)
2. White Label/Stolen Voices - Jean 1
3. Cults - Do You Know What I Mean
4. Koreless - 4D
5. Massive Attack/Burial - Four Walls
6. Gil Scott Heron/Jamie xx - I'll Take Care Of You
7. Walls - Sun Porch
8. Jamie xx - Far Nearer
9. Airborne Toxic Event - All At Once (Live King's College London)
10.Zomby - Natalia's Song
11.Darren Haymen/Elizabeth Morris - I Know I Fucked Up
12.Big Deal - Talk
13.Massive Attack/Burial - Paradise Circus
14.Creep - Days (Deadboy mix)
15.Dauwd- What's There
16.Fab Samperi - In The River (Ursula 1000 mix)
17.Shackleton - Fireworks
18.Cat's Eyes - Over You
19.Mogwai - George Square Thatcher Death Party
20.Joy Formidable - I Don't Want To See You Like This
21. The Fall - Nate Will Not Return
22.Slow Club - Beginners
23.Frightened Rabbit - Fuck This Place
24.Four Tet - Locked
25.Jeff Miles - Something In The Sky (pt 7)
26.Arctic Monkeys - The Hell Cat Spangled Shala La La
27.Guards - Resolution Of One
28.Radiohead - Good Evening Mrs Magpie (Modeselektor  rmx)
29.Maurice Donovan - Satisfied
30.Dead Beat - 1st Quarter (SCB mix)
31. Vaccines - Post Break Up Sex
32.Gui Borrato - This Is Not The End
33.The Kills - Satellite (Out Of Orbit Dub)
34.Deadboy - Here
35.Chapel Club - Surfacing
36.Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx mix)
37.Spector - Never Fade Away
38.Cancel The Astronauts - Seven Vices
39. Toddla T - Watch Me Dance
40.King Post Kitch - Don't You Touch My Fucking Honeytone


Artog said...

Well, I've heard two of those, and one was Adele. I meant to compliment you on your listening chair - very nice. Curiously my best listening chair was also red, must make the music sound faster.

dickvandyke said...

Like Artog, I would struggle to ken most of these artistes. However, as a regular subscriber to this magazine, I have grown to know a fair chunk of them across the year. Thank you for the facts and figures and labour of love drew. (Perhaps the inspiration stems from the Luton Departure Lounge).

I must be the only human in the free world who has had enough of Adele. I wish her well on the Honey & Menthol lozenges, but I reckon you can have too much of a good thang - so her enforced sabbatical may be useful.

Them Spector boys were interesting on 'Later' last week, and half a dozen of your other choices are pink and perky porky prime cuts. (With apologies to Muslim and Jewish readers for the porcine ref). And The Fall make it then, drew!

Swiss Adam said...

A pretty comprehensive list Drew. Reckon I've heard 60% of it. But bought less. I too had ordered the Watch Me Dance 12". Civil disobedience is one thing- burning Weatherall remixes another all together

Swiss Adam said...

And for the record I'd go for the last song off the Arctic Monkeys album, That's Where You're Wrong.

Anonymous said...

this list makes me feel painfully inadequate.

Swiss Adam said...

When I said I'd heard 60% I meant heard of 60%...

davyh said...

The songs I know from this I know only thanks to you; others you've mentioned, I've YouTubed - continued revelations.

Colin used to do a kind of end of year 'best of' upload (I really hope he does again)- d'ye think that, maybe...??

davyh said...

PS: #nowplaying 'Paradise Circus' - from before. Goodness, it is splendid.

drew said...

I fear next year's list will not be as long. I think that I will have to curtail this expensive hobby in these somewhat fiscally constrained times.

I may do that Mr H, would be a very large file, even zipped. If there is anything in particular, for now drop me an email.

And yes both sides of the collaboration are great. Just wish he had remixed the whole album as the rumours suggested. That would also have been a large file.

davyh said...

Fiscally constrained r us.

The ones we could describe as 'dance'? A wee mix? Possibly...?

Matty said...

I managed to pick up the Watch Me Dance 12", not sure I was just luck though as my local record shop is nearer London ( if it helps anyone)

drew said...

Matty - you are the only person I know that actually has a copy. But now I know that there is indeed copies out there, I will be on the hunt. Thanks

davyh said...

Since you posted this I have really got my ears around the Burial E.P that came out in March 2011 - 'Street Halo'...recommended, if you don't already know it.