Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Just Because

Gary Mulholland in his excellent book " This Is Uncool - The 500 Greatest Singles Since Punk And Disco" reckons that everybody has one good single in them. I tend to disagree with this fact as their are countless artists, who in my opinion haven't released a half decent single in their careers. I will however agree with him in relation to today's posting.

Never really got Dinosaur Jr at all, those guitar solos hark back to a time that I have very little enthusiasm for. However Freak Scene is 3and a half minutes of pure joy even the guitar solos sound right.

Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene.


Simon said...

I love Freak Scene. First of all it reminds me of times and people and places and secondly it is just pure rush from start to finish. The kind of guitar music that sounds good in a similar state of mind that sometimes accompanied a night out dancing. If you know what I mean.

Unknown said...