Friday 8 February 2019

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

It was not my intention to post a series of cover versions this week it just sort of happened like that,  one song led to another in my skewed head but yesterday I began to think of dance cover versions and there have been some horrendous techno and hard house interpretations of truly awful songs over the years but thankfully  the first record that popped into my head was the Style Council's cover of Promised Land  from 1989 and from there it wasn't much of a leap to today's track.

Nine year's after Weller's somewhat surprising (for me at least) take on the Joe Smooth classic it was the turn of house music to return the favour when Terry Farley and Pete Heller in their Fire Island guise covered one of the Style Council's finest moments, Shout To The Top, not only that but they enlisted the talents of the disco legend Loleatta Holloway to provide vocals in her distinctive style that resulted in a joyous piece of uptempo bass driven house. The track came with mixes from Club 69, Industry Standard, Roach Motel (Farley and Heller under another moniker) and Frankie Knuckles but for me the extended original Fire Island mix is the one.

After last week's disappointing 2-2 draw against Dumbarton, Airdrie should have been three nil up by half time but threw away the lead on two occasions, One thing that was apparent was that the young (18year old) Declan Glass is a bit special, unfortunately he is just on loan to the end of the season from Dundee United but I look forward to watching him up until then.

Tomorrow the Diamonds head up to Forfar who are two places and 6 points above Airdrie in fourth in the league table,  where Airdrie need to be to get into the play-offs which could be a tall order unless they play a lot more consistently than they have done over recent weeks hopefully some of young Glass's skill may rub off on some of the others. Nothing short of a victory will do tomorrow.

Have a good weekend people.

Fire Island featuring Loleatta Holloway - Shout To The Top (Fire Island extended mix)


Echorich said...

TUNE! This became a staple of Saturday Nights at The Roxy whether it was Victor Calderone or Peter Rauhofer spreading joy from the DJ booth back in the day. Mizz L is a personal favorite of mine and she owns this version as if it was her very own.
And I can't miss the chance to say how amazing TSC's version of Promised Land really is. It is truly an homage to Joe Smooth's original, with his Modness well into it.

Brian said...

Commenting after Echorich is a sad and lonely spot. I will simply say thank you. This is one of the best Friday songs you have ever posted. I'll be rooting the lads to get it right this weekend. Playing competitively against Celtic doesn't seem to have lit the fire the way I had hoped.

drew said...

It is that Brian. Would have liked to have kicked about with Echo, it would not have been boring. Woeful result on Saturday Brian, season all but over for us I'm afraid.