Monday 26 November 2018

Monday's Long Song

To try to stave off the Sunday night blues last night I reached for the Pledge Music funded live release by Dexys from 2014 and headed straight for side H and This Is What She's Like. Now any of you acquainted with the vinyl version of this release will know that the sound on the  first 3 minutes or so of this side are not the best quality wise, I had three different copies of this sent to me and they all sounded the same, like an album that I had had for forty years and which had seen more than a couple of airings at parties but now I have been able to filter the noise out and just listen to what for me is the best rendition of my favourite Dexys song which always makes me regret hesitating just that little bit to long for tickets for the One Day I'm Going To Soar tour.

After listening I thought to myself that would be a great track for Monday's Long Song, such a pity that I've posted it before but I decided to check the blog to find out how long ago it had featured and to my amazement it hasn't so that sorted out today's post.



What Was She Like?

Dexys - This Is What She's Like 


The Swede said...

Never heard this version. Quite staggering.

Brian said...

I thought this one might make an appearance. Those shows were incredible. I’m still pulling out this album and the DVD regularly. The visuals of Rowland roaming around the bowels of the theater during this song are stunning.

John Medd said...

Love it; I've always had a soft spot for Kev. Whenever I'm doing a jazzy, Northern Souly mix for someone I'll always chuck 'The Teams That Meet in Caffs' in there.