Wednesday 16 May 2018

Penny Goodwin

A bit of jazzy soul for you today. courtesy of Penny Goodwin who as far as I can fin out only release the one album, Portrait of a Gemini in 1974 on the Milwaukie label, Sidney Records. I remeber somebody likening Goodwin to Marlene Shaw's sound at this time in the 70s. The album includes a hairs up the back of the neck version of Amazing Grace that even a heathen like me can appreciate, a gorgeous version of Rain Sometimes and a very jazzy version of What's Going On. But the pick of the bunch for me is the cover of the Gil Scott Heron classic Lady Day and John Coltrane.

Penny Goodwin - Lady Day and John Coltrane


Brian said...

That certainly gets the head a bobbin'. I looked up Amazing Grace. Very moving... and a flute solo too!

The Swede said...

Never heard this version. How great is this?