Wednesday 8 July 2015


Today's tune was the first hit for Berry Gordy's soon to be record empire. The record was released twice in the space of twelve months first on the Tamla label and when it was receiving airplay it was leased to the Anna label on which it became a hit. The record also was another first for Gordy as it was the first of many disputes between the label owner and his staff. Barrett Strong has always maintained that he wrote the song but on the the record the song is credited to Bradford and Gordy. When you look at Strong's writing credits for Motown such as I Heard It Through The Grapevine, War and Papa Was a Rolling Stone amongst many others along with Norman Whitfield tends to give some credence to his claim. No matter what it is a cracking record.

Barrett Strong - Money 

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The Swede said...

An unfortunate tale and sadly not a unique case in pop history. Stonking tune though.