Friday 10 July 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

That was an extremely tiring week. I always find the first week back about as productive as a British Leyland Car Plant during the 3 day week.

To gear us up for the weekend here is a mad bit of Dutch Acid in the form of the Chicago Shags with a track from the 2011 Lost In A Blue Night ep. This track apparently samples Suzanne Ciani soundtrack for the Xenon pinball machine, quite bizarre really. This won't be everybody's cup of tea.

Have a good weekend people.

The Chicago Shags - Irrational Excess


Luca said...

Never heard this one before. Loved it a lot. Thanks Drew!

Simon said...

Nothing to do with anything much at all, but you - and probably others here - may not have seen this full Lone Justice gig on youtube. Damn good it is too..

Walter said...

Thank you Drew. Sometimes it is exactly my cup of tea.