Thursday 9 July 2015

Getting On

I have been catching up with some of the Glastonbury performances over the past few nights, well Motorhead and The "mighty" Fall really and both viewings gave rise to concerns over the health of the two front men. This is probably not the most surprising thing in the world as neither Lemmy nor MES is known for their abstinence. Lemmy looked quite frail and the once powerful growl was more like a rather weak rasp although he can still pound that bass to great effect. MES seemed to be enjoying himself on rather good form, the cause for concern was that it appeared that he had pissed himself before going on stage!

The ravages of time and hard living eventually taking their toll on both men I think.

Here is one of the many highlights from the recent album ( you will not know how glad I am to be able to type that), Sublingual Tablet, from the Glastonbury set, although the studio version goes on over twice as long and could last that again and it would not get boring.

The Fall - Auto Chip 2014 - 2016


Scott said...

Thought they were on top form at Glastonbury, but you would have thought someone might have pointed out to him that he had pissed himself.

The Swede said...

An absolute highlight of the LP. I saw The Fall not so long ago and the version of 'Auto Chip' they played that night was much longer than the Glastonbury performance.

Anonymous said...

[writes disparaging comment about MES]