Friday 24 July 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Like SA i have been listening to a lot of stuff from 1990, however all of the sounds emanating from my turntable have been dance tunes. The choice of the tunes has been highly influenced by the urge a couple of weeks ago to watch A Short Film About Chilling, possibly to off set the pish weather we are having here at the moment. Summer! don't make me laugh, but I digress. Those of you not familiar with this short Channel 4 documentary about the British DJs and artists who went over to Ibiza in 1990 will be able to find it on Youtube. Never having been to Ibiza myself I'm not sure how representative the programme was of the white isle at the time but I suspect that only a couple of years later it would have been unrecognisable to those who went in 1990 and before. The soundtrack is rather brilliant, all Bocca Junior's, the Grid, AMCA and such like. The track posted features heavily in the programme in its instrumental mix. Joy & Heartbreak is one of the few Paul Oakenfold records that I really rate. It is said that with Movement 98 the DJ was trying to lower the bpms at the time. Not sure why as I don't think that they were particularly furious, nothing like they would get a couple of years later. The song is built around the melody of Les Trois Gymnopedie by Erik Satie,

Have a good weekend people. It's L's birthday on Sunday so I will be taking her out on the town on Saturday, well dinner and if she's lucky a couple of drinks.

If you watch the film on Youtube, check out the nick of Orde Meikle, totally sparkled.

Movement 98 - Joy and Heartbreak (The Raid Mix)

* Just thinking I may feature the tracks from A Short Film About Chilling in the weeks to come in this slot.


Swiss Adam said...

A Short Film About Chilling is great. This track works too.

Anto said...

None of them brought sunglasses? Meikle's squint is not down to the sunshine though

Luca said...

What luck! I was thinking about this very tune a few days ago. Fantastic.

The Eaze Up Show said...

Alright Drew, I just stumbled on your blog and have been looking for this remix in good quality for a while, could you please send it to me in 320 kpbs?

Also this compilation will be right up your alley ;)