Thursday 4 June 2015

The Hit Parade

Do you remember Unkle Bob?

No, neither did I until trying to clear up my music library on the new laptop. I listened to the album that I have, Sugar and Spite, possibly a reason why I bought the album in the first place, it was either that or I had read a review of the Glasgow band's debut in some music magazine and bought the cd on the strength of that. Anyway it sort of washed over me it was all too samey. Very well crafted songs but it just lacked an edge apart from the track that was lifted as the first single for the album, The Hit Parade which really is very good. Come to think about it, I probably heard this and then bought the album.

Unkle Bob - The Hit Parade


The Swede said...

The name Unkle Bob meant nothing to me, but as soon as the tune kicked in I recognised it, so I've heard it somewhere before. A nice song too.

Scott said...

A new one on me Drew. Good song, really like that.

Anonymous said...

Love this band , there is a second lp , then a split and now odd new song. Crafted sums them up nicely

drew said...

FoRW - I have listened to the album a couple of times this week and it is a bit of a grower. I may have to check out the 2nd lp.