Tuesday 9 June 2015

Mr Rich Man (Version)

I haven't posted any reggae here for a long time. Here is a track the original of which was on the 1977 album Superstar which was produced by Bunny Lee and mixed by King Tubby. Here Tubby's protege Prince Jammy takes the controls and dubs it up in fine style.

If you are interested in the evolution of Jamaican music may I recommend the excellent Bass Culture by Lloyd Bradley which can be heavy going but well worth sticking with.

Leroy Smart - Mr Rich Man (version)


Anonymous said...

That's exactly what Lloyd Bradley's book is like. I was looking for something in it last weekend and found a bookmark in it- a ticket to see Joe Strummer, 21 Sept 2001.
Swiss Adam

The Swede said...

Crucial selection.

Simon said...

Thanks to Adam's past few weeks on Bagging Area I've been listening to reggae a lot recently. Weirdly sits with my country obsession rather nicely. Seems sort of perfectly opposite in sound and style.