Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Real Love

I have posted Drizabone  here previously with the single Pressure which incidentally I see listed at seventy odd quid on Discogs, surely it can't be that rare? But I digress, Real Love was the single that preceeded Pressure, Released in 1991, I am not sure why the three year hiatus between singles. It is very easy to place this single at the beginning of the 90s  as it is very much of it's time not to say that it is dated, sounds good to these ears at least. I am not known for my love or knowledge of "modern" soul but I do like a bit of it now and again.

Drizabone - Real Love

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Echorich said...

Real Love came along at at time when the the doors were open and welcoming to updates in the soul/r&b and dance genres. Post House Music breakthrough, beats started informing more and more of what would have been categorized as soul/r&b but was becoming more hybrid. Soul II Soul and LA producer Teddy Riley had a lot to do with influencing records which came out at this time as well.
Real Love can be found on numerous tapes I made for friend from the time - along with Keep On Movin', Back To Life, Lisa Stansfield's Change (Driza Bone remix) and Time To Make You Mine and songs from Brand New Heavies, The Chimes and a restarted Loose Ends.