Tuesday, 23 June 2015

En Vacances

There will not be a lot to see here for the next couple of weeks as we are off on the long drive to Portsmouth tomorrow where we will catch the ferry and sometime late Thursday afternoon we will reach the lovely house in the picture where we will indulge in eating too much bread, cheese and just the right amount of wine.

Here is one of my favourite cover versions.

Lone Justice - Sweet Jane


The Swede said...

Just the right amount of wine? Doesn't sound like quite enough to me. Happy holiday Drew.

Anonymous said...

Have fun Drew.
Swiss Adam

Simon said...


I can't decide whether that version or the Cowboy Junkies version is my fave. Both better than the original for me, and I love the original.

anto said...

have a nice time. wine prices have rocketed in france of late. annoyingly

Luca said...

Buone vacanze!

Scott said...

Have fun Drew, great track to leave us with before you head off on your hols