Wednesday 13 February 2013

The Sound of Machines Our Parents Used

I spent a few hours on Saturday morning digging through my dance 12" singles looking for stuff that I had mibbie forgotten about that could be used in the Friday feature that refuses to give up the ghost. I found a few belters that I had forgotten about which will turn up on a Friday for the next few weeks. I also found some that don't quite make you want to dance but have been filed in there out of convenience.

The  Gescom ep, The Sound Of Machines Our Parents Used falls into this catagory, it's probably not the easiest listen either but I think it is damn fine, beats me how I forgot about it.

The track posted has been described thus in Discogs -  'Puzl' sounds like 'Metal on Metal', all hissing machinery and otherworldy percussion', pretty accurate but don't let it put you off.

Gescom - Puzl


Anonymous said...

excellent. never heard that before

drew said...

Ctel - here's the link to one of the tracks on the other side, thought I'd ripped both but appears not, will do the other over the weekend

dangreene said...

Go Sheep (2nd track B-side) is one of my favourite Gescom/Autechre tracks. There's just something about it.

There was a lot of good music on Clear at the time, the best of which is collected on the "it's all becoming" compilation.

drew said...

Dan, Go Sheep is a good track. I may have to invest in that Clear album,