Monday 25 February 2013

Classy Blue Eyed Soul

This has got to be one of the classiest pieces of blue eyed soul I have ever heard.

Timi Yuro was one of the first blue eyed soul singers and unlike a lot of the obscure artists who are idolised by the northern soul fraternity, this Italian American torch singer had a number 4 billboard hit in the states in 1961 with the wonderful, 'Hurt' and the following year Phil Spector produced the singe 'What's A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You?)', She continued to record throughout the decade with varying degrees of success with 'It Will Never Be Over For Me' ironically being her final release.

In the early 80s Yuro moved to the Netherlands where she resurrected her career before moving back to the States in the middle of the decade where she lived until she succumbed to the throat cancer in 2004 that had first being diagnosed nearly 20 years earlier.

Timi Yuro - It Will Never Be Over For Me


Swiss Adam said...

Great song. I've got this on a compilation of the same name.

George said...

As Adam says, this is a Great Song.