Saturday 10 November 2012

Shopping With The Wife, Great!

Here is a nice mellow track to soundtrack your Saturday afternoon activities.

Have to admit to feeling like I'm at a bit of loose end this afternoon,  as up until Wednesday night I was looking forward to the prospect of going to Airdrie to see the Diamonds getting gubbed at home for the first time in what felt like ages. But while watching the Wedding Present in the Liquid Rooms In Edinburgh on Wednesday night Stiff informed me that the football was on Friday night!

Attending last night's match meant a mad dash up the road from Manchester where I was Thursday and yesterday, quick dinner with L and the boys and then  the three of us were off to pick Stiff up and get to the park by 19:45 which we made with seven minutes to spare. This is also the reason why there was no more flogging a dead series yesterday either.

The result, you ask? We got gubbed three one. It was a strange game sitting behind us was a Falkirk fan, who just came through to watch football on a Friday night, three Man City fans who were up to watch Airdrie, then off to watch Altringham today and then Man City tomorrow! Behind them was a group of Germans but we have no idea why they were there or what they made of it. Not a lot if they were anything like the rest of us.

Despite having visitors boosting the crowd a little, I'm still not sure about this Friday night football lark. On our way out of the stadium I heard one older gentleman exclaim, "Well that's the weekend fucked then! All I've got to look forward to is shopping with the wife the morn. great!"

Me, I will be making a start on all the jobs L has for me to do.

Have a good weekend people

Sodastream - Out

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