Sunday 10 June 2012

I Started A Joke

I love the album that this track comes from.  Every single interpretation on the album is beautifully done. I once got into an argument with a very pretentious (aren't we all), in my opinion, blogger about the merits off Kathryn Williams' version of Hallelujah and was accused of only citing the version due to it being obscure. It is hardly obscure and I stand by the claim that it is far superior to the Jeff Buckley rendition.

Anyway, personal opinions aside, it is very clear from the album Relations that Kathryn can not only sing but has exquisite taste in the songs she choses to cover.

I saw here support someone, I think it may have been Isobel Campbell at the ABC in Glasgow, years ago. Her opening remarks were "fuck me there are a lot of you out there" in a lovely Geordie accent.

If you haven't already checked her out I think that you probably should. Apart from the album of covers she has also recorded a further eight albums.

Kathryn Williams - I Started A Joke


G said...


I didn't think I had any Kathryn Williams until I heard this and realised she's the voice behind a beautiful song for children - currently a hit in HDTOGA Towers - called Night Baking. It was on the Colours Are Brighter lp of a few years ago.
Right I'm off to find her version of Hallelujah!


Helen said...

Thank you!

I'm playing the "...presents The Pond" album quite a bit at the moment, well worth checking out, I think.