Tuesday 27 December 2011

Too Much Apple Pie?

Well, I hope you have over indulged as much as I have and I'm not the only one feeling like a right fat pig.

The turkey turned out perfectly moist, everything worked out well. You can keep your Heston's, Jamie's et al for fool proof instructions has to be the domestic goddess, no not that pretender,  the daughter of that fuck wit of an ex Chancellor of the Exchequer. I mean Delia, I have never had any disasters when following her instructions and Sunday was no exception.

It is about the 27th that I start to yearn for some peace and quiet, however due to the fact that Lynn has a rather large family and my folks decided to spend Christmas in Colchester,  I can not go back into anti-social git mode until the 29th when Stiff and I will be attendance when Mr Gedge and Co take to the stage in Glasgow which I'm sure will be on a par with every other Wedding Present gig we've gone to 90 minutes of blistering guitars and songs of love and break up and then goodnight. We will leave satisfied and looking forward to the next time.

The Wedding Present - Kennedy (Live Sheperd's Bush Empire)


Unknown said...

As I type I have a fistful of matchmakers and have just polished off a bottle of butterscotch schnapps with Lisa, she is fast asleep on the sofa! We too did Delia as her Christmas cookbook has been a constant feature on the kitchen worktop, enjoy the weddos, I need to make a concerted effort to attend more gigs in 2012, my 16 year old son has seen more bands than I have this year! Happy new year to you all.

drew said...

All the best to you deadboy. Butterscotch schnapps sounds even too ritch for me!