Saturday 31 December 2011


Usually at the moment I am fretting over the menu for tonight's meal for ten but due to changes in circumstances of a few of our friends it was not really on the cards this year. Instead we will be going three doors and bringing in the new year there. It also mean that I can slip away after the Bells and get to my bed and not have to wait until the last guests get their taxi, usually around 4 am.

I've never really been a fan of Hogmanay. Not since I was eighteen and spent the night in the cells charged with assault on a person unknown and drunk and disorderly. Both charges dropped in the morning I hasten to add when the police were questioned by my parents on how I got to be drunk within ten minutes of leaving the house where I hadn't had a drink all night and the person whom I allegedly assaulted had made a statement at the time stating that I had done nothing . I was eventually charged and found guilty of breach of the peace for informing a policeman that I knew my rights and that he could not say "shut the fuck up sonny, or I'll put your head through that fucking window".Scottish justice, something to be proud of.

Anyway,  I'm not sure what tonight's soundtrack will be but I will most certainly play these three songs before I climb in to my scratcher.

All the best when it comes and let's hope 2012 is better than 2011.

Jimmy Radcliffe - Long After Tonight Is All Over

Tobi Legend - Time Will Pass You By

Dean Parrish - I'm On My Way


dickvandyke said...

Have just chalked 'Drew is innocent!' on the Lanark Town Hall steps.

'3 Doors Down' is the title of the new album by 19 year old ex-Brits School singer-songwriter Esmerelda Quim-Wipe. She could be the sound of 2012.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to say, whatever the next year brings us, Good health, love, and strength to you, your family and ALL the discerning readers across this welcoming table.

Every respect
Dickie x

, let

Swiss Adam said...

Free the Lanark One!

All the best for 2012 Drew.

chocolategirl64 said...

glad to hear you live to tell the tale!
happy new year to you ☯

davyh said...

Aye, here's to us all.

Go easy, step lightly, stay free (jailbird) x

Simon said...

Esmeralda Quim-Wipe? DVD!!!

Happy New Year all!!!

Scott said...

All the best for 2012 Drew. Happy New Year.