Sunday 18 December 2011

Gigs Of The Year

This year saw me attending more gigs than I did last year but there were still loads that I was unable to attend due to financial constraints or travelling with work.

Like last year the accolade of worst gig of the year goes to that spineless bastard Smith, not his band mind you,  who sounded great but the git himself who yet again decided that the crowd in Edinburgh did not deserve any effort on his part. Once more, thanks and I hope your feet continue to cause you problems you git.

There is no contest for gig of the year the accolade must go to the Boy Wonder who along with a very tight band put in a performance that even now thinking back on it has put a grin on my face but please, please, please Roddy don't leave it three years until you tour again!.

A mention must go to the Vaccines, not for the music, they weren't bad,  but just for the delight on Max's face throughout and my shoulders which have just about recovered from him bouncing up and down on for most of the 45 minutes they were on stage.

Roddy Frame - The Boy Wonders (Live at Ronnie Scott's)

The Vaccines - If You Wanna (Live from London)

The picture is of a not too patient son waiting for the Vaccines to take the stage at Latitude.

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