Friday 30 December 2011

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

By Christ, that was a quick week. I most certainly have over indulged in food, alcohol not so much, although I did manage to arse a bottle of Foxdenton 48% London Gin and very nice it was too.

This Friday sees us back to 1993 and a bit of Gospel tinged House courtesy of the 50 strong Sounds of Blackness with a little smattering of the genius that was Sasha before he disappeared up his own arse. I apologise for the crackles but this was played quite a bit and I think that 1993 was not a very good year for quality vinyl as a lot of the 12" singles I have from then sound worse than they should do.

Have a good weekend people.

The Sounds of Blackness - I'm Going All The Way (Sasha's Chuff Chuff mix)


davyh said...

Old Skool bro. Sick.

dickvandyke said...

davy doesn't sound too well.

Am having about 20 folk round to my hoose tonight for a tincture and a buffet of fingers. Yer all welcome.
(Could do with a gin-soaked Scottish DJ to mix Sasha's chuff chuff).

Smiley socialising. Stand back - I'm going in!

Swiss Adam said...

Is her in the picture coming?

drew said...

Would love to be there Dickie but L is out on the lash again, I am therefore re-enacting the attempt to take the Arnhem bridge with 5 action men and a few HM armed forces figures.

Innit tho' Dave bro.

SA, she's out with L

Anonymous said...


Swiss Adam said...


Simon said...

ooh. Nice. Sturdy's sister Bendy Wendy.

Anonymous said...

Finally another winner for 2011 in the picture, Drew! Still can't beat the original Sturdy Girl though!


Anonymous said...

bendy wendy. classic

drew said...

Good to see ANON back, is it not?

Bendy Wendy, indeed.

Sturdy Girrls will always be top here Dirk.