Sunday 2 October 2011

Beyond The Clouds

Here is a lovely piece of dub techno to soundtrack what ever it is you are going to get up to today. Me, I will be doing the bloody shopping . Hope you people down south are enjoying the sunshine. It is grey, dank and horrible up here as I suspect it will be over the water as well!

CV313 are the duo who also record under the name of Echospace and have produced some exceptionally good pieces of dub techno, very remeniscent of the Basic Channel stuff. This is the b-side the epic 23 minute live mix of Beyond The Clouds which you can really lose yourself in.

cv313 -Beyond The Clouds (reprise)


Swiss Adam said...

Very nice. If it's any consolation it's raining here.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, it is incredibly sunny here - 25 degrees in the shade. But I'm stuck indoors with sickly child.

dickvandyke said...

Salutations from the deep south ... Yorkshire - where it's a reet nondescript day. The sky is the same grey hue as the tiles on my shed roof - save the splodges of white and blackberry coloured bird shit.

It is nice and sociable of you to think of others and play a 'tune' which blends so nicely with my morphine and anti-inflammatories. I awoke at around the 9 minute mark thinking I was waving at Yuri Gagarin who was floating just outside my chintz curtained window.

Drugs and music have always been such tightly-spooned bedfellows.

drew said...

Solpadol 30/500 by any chance DVD?

dickvandyke said...

That's the very dancing badgers, Drew. Taken with Naproxol and a small Irish (like a Leprachaun) it allows for wondrous stories circa 0400. I awoke with Shirlwy Bassey's 'I Am What I Am' tother morning and thought I'd died and gone to an Aberystwyth Gay Club.

I may be leaving random odd comments around fave blogs in the weeks to come.