Saturday, 22 May 2010

What Did You Do On The Hottest Day of The Year So Far?

Smashed up an old bloody piano!

About 2 years ago when our neighbours were moving down south we inherited a piano. F asked L if she knew of anybody who wanted a piano, L decided that that was exactly what we needed in our already cluttered home and volunteered me to go and move the thing which I duly did and nearly killed myself in the process.  Piano's aren't the lightest of things to shove uphill and round the corner. All the while J couldn't believe his luck as he no longer had to solve the problem of the unwanted, out of tune piano.

So for the last 2 years the bloody thing has been gathering dust in the dinning/music room and every time I go in there to play some music the monstrosity catches my eye and I get irate.

About six months ago, L casually stated that the piano was taking up too much room and she was going to see if anybody would like it. Of course,  no bugger wanted it. Everyone she asked cottoned on quicker than me as to what would be involved in moving the thing.

The only thing left to do was to destroy it and take it down to the cowp, as the Council don't uplift pianos either.  I really wasn't into the idea of smashing up a musical instrument, however last night after a few gins, while playing some vinyl I started eyeing up the piano and wondering how I would go about it. Before I knew it I had the lid off and dismantled the bits that could be done reasonably quietly.

And so today, there was nothing else for it but to wheel it out onto the driveway and attack it with an axe much to the amusement and the horror of a few of the many passers by.

All in all quite a productive day, now all I need to do is liberate my IKEA swivelling armchair which L currently has in number 2 son's bedroom and my corner of the dinning room will be back to normal.

Outrage - That Piano Track


chocolategirl64 said...

save me some keys:
fancy a bit of ebony & ivory:

Anonymous said...

You will like this one we have ended up with another one equally out of tune and not used!!
Love the photo would like to do the same, your tune should have been Laurel and Hardy as that was us moving it?

drew said...

J, you've made me feel a whole lot better. I will not fall into the same trap again.

We were even more inept than Laurel and Hardy, if the truth be told.