Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tones (For Sara)

I'm having to go through iTunes manually again and get rid of a lot of the dross that I have acquired since the last time I had to do this.

I recently bought a new laptop and had to transfer iTunes over, which is supposedly really easy to. So I followed all of the steps and voila, all of my playlists failed to transfer over. So I decided to give it another try and I don't have a clue what happened but I lost the lot. So I have had to import the whole library from the external drive.

The problem is that I have 152 gb of music, so far too much to put on my iPod and being the saddoe I am,  I don't want a selection of tracks when syncing it, it may not include that vital obscure Orb mix of something or other which is essential. So I have un-ticked all of the selections and manually ticking the tracks that I want on my player.

As much of a tedious job as this is, I am finding it quite interesting as it is throwing up some interesting things that I have no recollection of downloading or had completely forgotten . Today's track is one of those which I had completely forgotten about and on finding yesterday wondered why I had gone to the trouble of ripping from vinyl as I can't remember it at all. It is however, after listening again a rather soothing piece of ambience which rather fits in with my mood at the moment.

Bill Van Loo - Tones (for Sara)


Simon said...

I've got to do something similar with my 120 gig Ipod and my 150+gig library. Not looking forward to it, last time took a whole weekend!

Meanwhile I remembered posting Forest Fire a while back.

And look who is in the comments!!

drew said...

I thought that someone had posted it before but my memory is not that great.
My pre blogging days, when iu would just hassle you lot